Angela James


Still not convinced? Here are just some of the testimonials we have received at Angela James Rooibos


"A testimony to the health-giving properties of these teas is Angela's
vibrant health and joy of living. Bushes with roots that go deep in the soil
of Africa provide essential elements to the leaves which, when steeped,
support health, vigor and do no harm. EN-JOY! "

Helen May, Vancouver BC.


"Since I started drinking Angela's Premium Blend of Rooibos
Tea.........there is nothing like it. I sleep well, my complexion is
glowing and my hair and nails have grown. I now have a general sense of well being."

Emerald Clarke Cosmetologist


“A great tasting blended rooibos tea. I have been drinking Angela’s Vanilla Raspberry blend
for 2 years now and every time I am amazed at the smoothness and flavour of this tea without any
of the usual acidic after-taste of many other teas. Angela’s unique flavours of loose leaf rooibos tea
let me experience several other wonderful tasting sensations!” 

B. Smylie, Vancouver, BC.

"I bought some of your teas at the Delbrook Craft Fair and just wanted you to know how much I love the Blueberry flavoured is big time yummy! I now have steeping some of your chai flavoured tea so that I can try a different flavour from blueberry today. I find your Rooibos tea is exceptionally good. Keep up the great work!"